Onur Bakis, a seasoned Senior Project Manager from Salzburg, Austria, is a distinguished figure in the world of performing arts. He holds the title of multiple-time National Champion in Performing Art Breakdance. Onur is the visionary founder of „Doyobe“ (an acronym for „Do Your Best“), an initiative that he has passionately led for over 17 years, aiming to motivate and inspire artists globally.

Renowned for his innovative approach, Onur masterfully blends traditional dance forms with contemporary breakdancing. This fusion creates a unique artistic expression that pushes the boundaries of creativity and challenges conventional norms in the performing arts.

Onur’s expertise is not just confined to the realm of dance; he is also highly experienced in managing European Erasmus Projects. His collaborations with prestigious institutions such as the Salzburg Government, U.S. Embassy, Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria for European and International Affairs, Shopping Center Europark, and the German Ministry of Culture, underscore his competence and influence in his field.

His intuitive understanding of professional political, cultural, and diversity-related work is exceptional. Onur firmly believes in the transformative power of cultural projects. He advocates that these initiatives are pivotal in promoting openness among people, fostering a shared understanding and appreciation that bridges geographical and cultural gaps. His work reflects his commitment to using art as a medium for bringing people together and celebrating the rich tapestry of global cultures.