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Onur Bakis, from Salzburg, Austria, is a Senior Project Manager and champion breakdancer. He founded „Doyobe“ (Do Your Best) to inspire artists globally. With significant experience in European projects and collaborations with major institutions, Onur champions cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding through his work.

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New way of working

As a Project Manager who has worked extensively with government on cultural projects, you can describe your services emphasizing


Goverment Collaboration

Highlight your experience in navigating government processes and regulations for cultural projects.

Digital Project Management:

Emphasize your ability to manage, organize, and execute cultural events and projects, ensuring they align with both artistic vision and governmental objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement

Showcase your skills in liaising with various stakeholders, including government officials, artists, and community members, to create successful and impactful cultural initiatives.


Here are some of the important Projects, Events and Instutional Works.


Creative Europe, Erasmus+ Projects


2007 – Salzburg Republic, Doyobe Festival
2008 – Salzburg Arena,  Doyobe Festival
2009 – UKF Festival St Denis, Reunion Island
2010 – Urban Culture Festival (Republic, Salzburg)

2007 – Founder of Doyobe, Worldwide Assocation
2015 – Doyobe Germany
2021 – Culture Center SPACE



Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs Austria

Federal Government’s commissioner for culture and media Germany

Shopping Center Europark

Salzburg AG

Salzburg Government

Bank Sparkasse

U.S. Embassy

City of Salzburg

Be equal minded in both success and failure.

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